Escape Game Iron Curtain



The escape game Iron Curtain is a team experience. You may have heard of the TV show Fort Boyard. In Iron Curtain you will find a similar adventure except for the rooms full of snakes and spiders. Instead you´ll face the room full of logical, mechanical and electricity-driven riddles and puzzles. You can succeed only if you work as a team! All you need is the will to play and win. But nuclear Lenin will be watching you, so beware!



How to book the game and how to get in?

Just hit the “Book now” button at the menu of this website. You´ll get to reservation system where you can book your date and time. Please, fill in the form and send it. You´ll get the confirmation from the email info@escapeironcurtain.cz with all the details, for example how to get to our location or how to cancel your booking. You´ll pay when you come by credit card or cash.

What should I bring with me?

You don´t need anything to play our game. You don´t use force to play the game. You don´t need pencils, cellphones nor paper to play. You’ll find everything necessary in the game. So keep encyclopedias at home. All you need is a will to have fun.

Will I play alone or with some team I don't know?

Iron Curtain is designed to be a team experience. Some riddles can´t be sorted out without help of your friend. So you need at least two people to play and you are free to choose your colleagues. We will not mix you with any other team. So bring your party and play!

What if I need a restroom during playing?

Restroom is obviously part of our area and we recommend you to visit it before you play. Once you play, you can always leave by calling our personnel, but it will interrupt your experience. So don´t worry, if you want, we will always let you out immediately. But somehow nobody wants to leave our exit room! :)

Is the game kids friendly? And can I bring a dog?

The game is best experienced by kids older than 10 years. If you have younger ones, it´s ok too, there is nothing dangerous inside the room. However, little kids can limit your gaming experience. We won´t allow you to enter the room with your dog, however, we will be happy to take care of it in our non-smoking bar while you are enjoying the game.

Is it dangerous to play Iron Curtain if I have some sort of phobia?

It depends on a type of phobia you have. It is probably best to contact us directly and ask. There are no windows in the room, but our bar is open, with windows and it has a nice terrace.

Is Iron Curtain good for school trips, business parties, team buildings and other type of events?

Obviously! We can set up private event and book you whole afternoon and evening for up to 20 people. There is a nice conference room and also a very nice inner-block terrace. You can play boardgames we have, you can use free Wi-Fi. Also we can prepare catering for your party, BBQ including! If you want to get more information, press Teambuilding.

What languages I need to know?

The game itself is neutral, there is no text inside. The word “STOP” is the only one you need to know. The briefing and game rules are told in Czech and English language.

Is there any age limit for the game?

We recommend players to be at least 10 years old. Younger players enjoy the game best in the company of adults.

Do you have any further questions?

Contact us by phone on +420 775 627 108 or via email info@escapeironcurtain.cz